• Conference: The Coaching, Mentorship and Organisational Development Conference is an annual event that is aimed at equipping and challenging leaders at all levels about the role of coaching in stirring organizations to their next level and achieve results for the modern organization. It also covers Organizational Development imperatives and how organizations and leaders can tap into the techniques to stimulate effectiveness of organizations. The effectiveness of teams and processes are some of the key OD elements. Click for more
• Leadership Coaching Program: This is a program that is aimed at institutionalizing coaching in organizations and this is achieved through capacitating managers as coaches and supporting their progress in coaching and checking on results of the coaching process.
• Executive Coaching (one-on-one coaching): Executives will be allocated a coach to assist them to achieve results. Coaching sessions are held once a month and continue for 12 – 18 months while tracking the results of the coaching process.
• Master classes [2 day mentorship sessions]
Certified Business Coach Program