Day 1

0830-1030hrs Raising Your Levels Of Leadership Consciousness To Develop High Performing Teams
Speaker: Mike Taylor

“Bringing A Coaching And Mentoring Approach To High Performing Teams”

+ Understanding and applying the six dimensions of high performing teams.

+ Delegates will complete the diagnostic instrument that will assist with the diagnosis of their own organisation against high performance team criteria

1030-1100hrs Networking Tea Break

1100-1230hrs Leveraging Organisational Culture For Strategy Execution
Speaker: Darlington Hukuimwe

1230-1330hrs Networking & Lunch Break

1330-1500hrs “Richard Barrett’s Seven Levels Of Consciousness For Leaders”
Speaker: Dr. Sunny Stout-Rostron

+ Understanding and working with human motivation in organisations.

+ Every human value and behaviour is motivated by a specific level of consciousness.

+ At what level are you working as a leader?


Day 2

0830-1000hrs Coaching To Develop Wisdom From Experience
Speaker: Dr. Sunny Stout-Rostron

“Bringing A Coaching And Mentoring Approach To High Performing Teams”

Developing An Experiential Approach To Coaching- Working With Kolb

+ Working with the four stages of the David Kolb experiential learning coaching model

+ All clients come into the coaching conversation with their experiences

+ How can the coach help the coaches to transform their experience and discover new thinking, feeling and behaviour that leads to improved performance

1000-1030hrs Networking Tea Break

1030-1130hrs Building Organisational Resilience Through Employee Engagement
Speaker: Darlington Hukuimwe

1130-1300hrs w/ Mike Taylor & Dr. Sunny Stout-Rostron

“Creating a Mentoring Culture”

+ What are the steps to be followed in creating a mentoring culture in an organisation?


“Mentoring In A Thinking Environment

+ The four stages of the mentoring process- a practical application of the Mentoring Process in Pairs.

+ Introducing the principles and the practice of the thinking environment as applied to the mentoring process

+ Creating the mentoring relationship