Dr Sunny Stout Rostron- Founding President | Coaches & Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA)

Dr. Sunny Stout- Rostron- With over 25 years’ international experience as an executive coach, Sunny believes there is a strong link between emotional intelligence and business results – she works with executive leaders and their teams to help them achieve individual, team and organisational goals.

Sunny has played a leading role in building the emerging profession of coaching, and her passion is to develop the knowledge base for coaching through research and the critical reflective practice of dedicated practitioners. Sunny’s philosophy is that coaching is about helping clients to ‘learn from and create wisdom from their own experience’.

Looking at ‘mastery of practice’ rather than simply ‘being the expert’ to progress our own and our clients’ personal and professional growth, Sunny encourages coaches and clients to create the space for conversations that get to the heart of issues and concerns that can create change at an individual, team and systemic level.

Sunny’s books include:
– Leadership Coaching for Results: Cutting-edge practices for coach and client (Knowres, 2014),
– Business Coaching International: Transforming individuals and organizations (Karnac 2009/2013),
– Business Coaching Wisdom and Practice: Unlocking the secrets of business coaching (Knowres, 2009/2012).

Michael Taylor- CEO | Exponential (South Africa)

Michael-TaylorHe has extensive practice at executive through to first line management levels. With 15 years coaching experience, and 25 years of business experience. Mike has designed a Transformative Coaching© Framework, and sees coaching as a critical means of support to assist leaders in charting the way forward for their organisations. Just as athletes know the burn of pushing their muscles to make them stronger, leaders who train their minds will become intimately familiar with the discomfort and soreness of stretching beyond their mental limits.

A core aspect of coaching is experiential learning. Through reflection, experience is expanded using probing questions. And, through questions, the whole person is engaged and the relationship between coach and client grows into greater degrees of trust. As trust builds, so challenge can enter the relationship. At the end of a session, shared understanding is reiterated and an action plan is formulated. Michael has continuous engagement with thought leaders like Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron and others in the field. He ensures continuous mentoring of emerging young coaches and involves them in a variety of projects.

Darlington Hukuimwe | Organisational Development Specialist

Darlington is a seasoned OD practitioner and certified change management expert who works as manager in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ People and Change Unit. He has done extensive work across Southern Africa, helping them address complex people and corporate performance challenges towards realisation of their goals.