Coaching is becoming a key lever for the success of organizations and the field is growing globally as companies embrace this new way of leading organizations. It is becoming a source of competitive advantage and the need for coaches is rising significantly in corporates. However statistics do indicate that many business coaches are operating without training, therefore are ill equipped to deliver full value to their clients.

Coaching focuses on future possibilities and not past mistakes. Prof. John Witmore

With this in mind we will provide this Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) to address the competency acquisition of coaches preparing themselves for credentialing with the International Coach Federation (ICF). The Dimensions Certified Business Coach Program comes as the first ICF aligned program in Zimbabwe and will be offered in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) market to build a cadre of coaches that will marshal the performance agenda in the SADC countries and beyond.

The Dimensions Certified Business Coach Program is an all inclusive training program, which offers start to finish coach training. A minimum of 125 student contact hours, Mentor Coaching and a performance evaluation process are provided for ACTP approval. Graduates of an ACTP program may apply for an individual ICF Credential via the ACTP credential application path. Our coaching program is going through the grandfathering process.

Program Structure
The First Level is the Associate Level which takes the module which are horizontal on the Associate level above plus 1 enrichment module. This stage is separately certified and one gets a Certified Business Coach (Associate) Certificate and they will be eligible to go for the Professional Stage Certified Business Coach (Professional) Certificate.

The professional level builds on the associate level providing a total of 128 hours of coach specific training.

Certified Business Coach (Associate) Certificate is offered in two blocks.