Performance Management System Development
Most organizations are working flat out to ensure reliability and validity of their performance management systems. Its key that all organizational members are conversant with their performance management system regardless of the system being used. There is need to create alignment of goals across the chain of command (horizontal alignment) as well as down the chain of command (Vertical Alignment). Dimensions Management Consultants can create a system for you from scratch if you do not have a system and can also study your system and enhance its capacity to deliver your desired goals. Performance Management is a strong foundation of most Human Resource Management processes such as reward management which tackles the key issue of remuneration and benefits , competency management and development, and employee relations hence it needs to be sound.

Balanced Scorecard
We can work with organizations across sectors to create a sound system based on the Balanced Score Card Framework of performance management. We have a pool of consultants who are trained balanced score card implementers and trainers.

Management by Objectives Systems
We also work with companies to develop in-house Management By Objective Systems tailored to suit their needs.

Job Evaluation
Companies Executives and Managers have head-aches with issues of internal and external equity. We can work with organizations to review their current evaluation systems and also implement a new system for the organization. Our systems are as follows :


Business Process Mapping and Standard Operating Procedures

Most organizations have challenges whose root is to do with processes and procedures. Most executives and managers get stress during audit times and the main issue is that the organization will be lacking a defensible business process map that shows the process flows and the standard Operating Procedures.

We assist organizations map their processes and align them inter-departmentally and ultimately produce a documented process flow and also design step by step procedures for easier reference towards the journey for a cleaner audit.

Customer Service Excellence Strategy Development and Implementation

Most organizations are passionate about exciting and delighting the one and only employer the customer. It is key that organizations have a clear strategy on customer service excellence

We work with organizations develop and design a clear customer service strategy and charter, train their staff to ensure service culture entrenchment.

Return on Investment on Learning and Development Intervention Systems (Ref International Associates)

Learning and Development is like chicken. Every visitor that comes home in the African context will have a meal with a chicken irrespective of their rank. As long as they are visitors. This is the same scenario with Learning and Development in organizations. Each time an organization faces challenges they will cut the training budget .

Dimensions believes in developing sound systems on training and development to ensure that the organizational learning programs are supporting strategy and they won’t be treated like chicken.

We develop systems on:
(i) Training needs analysis and measurement of competencies
(ii) Instruments of measuring effectiveness of training based on the Chain of Impact ROI Methodology

Reaction Models
Learning and Knowledge Acquisition
ROI (Quantified Benefits of ROI)